Environmental Onsite Staffing and Support

In addition to our environmental training, The Shipley Group has a successful history of providing onsite environmental staffing and support services.

With the recent decisions to provide federal money for “shovel-ready” (capital) projects and programs, it raises the issues of timeframes, performance, and the ability to provide a staff that is able to meet these current expectations. With a focus on expediting the necessary environmental permits, already overloaded environmental staff may fall behind in completing routine day-to-day tasks, thereby creating an unacceptable compliance risk and/or the chance of losing the opportunity to even complete the designated project(s).

Staffing Options

Gap Staffing: Shipley can provide staffing augmentation to fill the gap, ensuring that organizations meet their compliance obligations while minimizing costs, enabling their teams, and avoiding unnecessary disruptions of the project. In this context, Gap Staffing is defined by temporary assignments of at least three and up to six months in which the onsite staff person is employed by Shipley but managed on a day-to-day basis by the organization/agency. Once the project is complete, the assignment ends.

Onsite Staffing: Four major benefits for onsite staffing for extended assignments (six months or more) are:

  • Reduced costs – Similar to outsourcing of other organizational functions, using onsite environmental staff allows the company to avoid the cost and effort associated with recruiting, employment benefits, training and career management typically required for permanent employees. And unlike a permanent staff person, if a placed person doesn't work out, Shipley will guarantee a suitable replacement.

  • Rapid deployment – Shipley is able to identify qualified candidates who have the necessary knowledge, background and skill sets to meet the organization's needs and to be immediately productive at the assigned task. Shipley can provide staff quickly, aiding organizations in managing staff costs on a just-in-time basis.

  • Reduced risk/enhanced compliance – Especially important for organizations that have lost institutional knowledge or specialized skills due to staff reductions, onsite staff can be custom ordered to come equipped with knowledge and skills that may assist the organization in enhancing its own compliance status.

  • Redirection of permanent staff – An alternative approach is to assign onsite staff to perform routine, day-to-day tasks, thereby freeing up permanent staff to focus on more strategic issues.

Our Environmental Onsite Staffing and Support team has an extraordinarily high success rate for several reasons:

  • We provide personnel that have unique skills and experience in the environmental field; particularly in the areas of NEPA documentation, process management, and environmental compliance.

  • We provide a quick response time - because we are constantly working with qualified people, we have a database of identified candidates ready to go to work.

  • We provide qualified candidates with the skills to fit perfectly into their positions.

  • We make it easy to replace or expand an onsite workforce without expanding FTEs.

  • We offer temporary staffing, and contractual placement options.

  • We provide staffing solutions to place and monitor employees and their performance.

  • We work with and within an organization to help ensure compliance without raising headcount.

  • We offer solutions to manage your workforce, have the people necessary to get the job done and to control and/or reduce costs.

  • We have a very experienced team at Shipley that continues to provide support and offer expertise at all levels and phases of environmental documentation, process management, and environmental compliance.

Shipley History in Onsite Staffing and Support Services:

Onsite Staffing and Support Services that Shipley offers and has provided to organizations include; project management, project expertise and support, expert witness, cataloging, research, logistics support, site survey, reconnaissance survey, NEPA expertise, documentation services, NEPA compliance, environmental compliance officer, senior NEPA specialist, junior NEPA specialist, NEPA specialist-on-call, and environmental review.

Onsite staffing services have ranged from a few weeks, to a few months, to (continuing on to) 6 plus years.

An example of organizations we have worked with and continue to work with for onsite staffing and support: Lockheed Martin Company, General Motors, Bureau of Land Management –Montana and Oregon, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation –Alaska, SADG Inc –Alaska, GSA –Washington, DC, GSA –R10, USFS, and Department of Homeland Security INS –Washington, DC.