Administrative Record & Document Management


Participants in this workshop will learn what are records, what is included in the Administrative Record and how to prepare and index records for litigation.  They will learn how to manage e-mails, correspondence, draft materials, working files, privileged and protected information as part of the record.  We also explore the implications of the Federal Advisory Committee Act and the Freedom of Information Act requirements and how these statutes relate to the project and certified administrative records. 


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Know what qualifies as a record under the definition of the Federal code as it applies to the Administrative Procedure Act.
  • Evaluate what properly goes in the Certified Administrative Record for purposes of NEPA.
  • Know how to properly reference records for inclusion in the Administrative Record.
  • Create an index for a defensible Administrative Records.


The basic format of the short workshop includes the following components:

  • Defining what are “records” and the various types of records for APA and NEPA compliance.
  • What goes in the Certified Administrative Record.
  • What materials should be included in the record, and what should not go in the record.
  • How to construct and manage the record for quick and complete retrieval.
  • Explore the important court cases that define the sideboards for compiling a defensible Administrative Record.
  • Examine record guidance from the Department of Justice, Department of Interior and applicable agencies of workshop participants.
  • Discuss the implication of the Federal Advisory Committee Act and the Freedom of Information Act to records management and public disclosure


Participants for this training generally include NEPA coordinators, Federal program and project managers, technical specialists (subject matter experts), interdisciplinary team (IDT) leaders, decision-makers, and reviewers of NEPA documents.


This workshop is interactive intended to explore specific problems and questions faced by practitioners in managing recordsUnusual case studies are presented that require thinking on the part of workshop participants.  However, and in-depth understanding of NEPA, APA, FACA or FOIA are not required.  For optimal learning, class size is limited to 30 participants. This ½ to 1 day workshop consists of a carefully designed combination of the following components:

  • 40% Lecture
  • 20% Group Discussion
  • 40% Exercises


Participants receive the following:

  • Workshop manual of materials presented
  • Case study exercises
  • Workshop resources workbook