Onsite Training

Onsite training is an efficient and economical way to train large numbers of employees. In addition, it offers the benefit of an interactive workshop to build a more cohesive team in meeting Agency or group goals by having participants able to hear the same message at the same time. Training onsite provides the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss relevant issues while learning essential skills and receiving the tools to better perform your responsibilities.  

Tailored Virtual Classroom

Our tailored virtual (on-line, web-based) training provides:

  • The same comprehensive training from Shipley instructors using seamless over-the Web connectivity. 
  • The equivalent content/curriculum delivered in Shipley's traditional classrooms.
  • Hands-on learning for each participant.   
  • Live interaction with Shipley instructors.

All of our Onsite and Tailored Virtual workshops are designed to reflect specific needs; part of that is the use of "real-life", applicable projects that your organization will help determine, such as EAs or other current issues and/or case studies. The pricing is based on the number of days of the workshop and the number of participants—in accordance with our GSA approved pricing. Workshops as listed may be combined to meet particular objectives and target needs. Optional days may be added to provide for coaching and/or reviewing. 

Schedule Onsite Training

To schedule your Onsite training course, or to learn more about Onsite training:

Contact Jeff Stewart at 888-270-2157, email him at jeff.stewart@shipleygroup.com, or complete and submit the form below.

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