Managing NEPA Projects & Teams


Participants learn management of the NEPA process, as opposed to technical competency and skills. The course provides training in managing and reviewing the NEPA process. This includes prototyping the document before writing begins and determining what tasks might best be assigned to contractors.


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Better manage their teams in the efficient execution of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) tasks
  • Determine which tasks would best be assigned to contractors, and which would be best handled internally in order to effectively manage the project
  • Review the NEPA document to ensure a quality product
  • Manage internally conducted NEPA analyses
  • Manage internally written documents
  • Move the program expeditiously by integrating the tasks of one document into those of others


We tailor each workshop to meet the needs of the participants. The basic format of the interactive workshop includes the following components:

  • Developing a PA
    Learn to develop a mature Proposed Action (PA) for appropriate NEPA analysis.
  • Organizing the Team
    Learn how to appoint a NEPA team and deliver management direction in a carefully prepared Project Initiation Letter (PIL) to this team.
  • Managing Meetings
    Learn efficient management of meetings - both inside and outside of the team.
  • Establishing Project Tasks
    Develop a comprehensive list of NEPA project tasks for a specific project.
  • Evaluating Performance
    Identify performance standards (quality criteria) for all potential NEPA tasks.
  • Developing a Prototype
    Learn to develop an evolving mockup or prototype of the projected NEPA document.
  • Reviewing Projects and Documents
    Learn to conduct project and document reviews, beginning at the conceptual (legal compliance) level and continuing with the writing and editing of both text and graphics.
  • Managing the Program
    Learn management considerations when managing an entire NEPA program that includes many proposed actions, often with limited staff, funds, and time.


Participants for this training generally include environmental coordinators, team leaders, resources specialists and decisionmakers involved in preparing environmental projects, as well as individuals in private companies who provide contract work.


Managing NEPA Projects & Teams was developed as an interactive workshop with both new and experienced managers in mind. For optimal learning, the class size is limited to 20 participants.This 3-day workshop consists of a carefully designed combination of the following:

  • 25% Lecture
  • 20% Discussion
  • 55% Exercises


Participants receive the following:

  • Comprehensive workshop manual
  • Workshop Resources workbook