Environmental Risk and Public Involvement


Participants learn the meaning and application of risk communication. They explore the full range of response communication, including developing a communication plan and strategy, standing before an audience, and responding in writing.


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Understand the fundamentals of risk communication
  • Respond effectively in a low-trust, high-stress environment
  • Understand how an effective communication strategy includes both internal and external communication
  • Write clear, easy-to-understand, audience-based documents
  • Build a clear, simple response to questions from the public and the media


We tailor each workshop to meet the needs of the participants. The basic format of the interactive workshop includes the following components:

  • Communicating Risk
    Examine the definition and evolution of risk communication. Learn how to understand and connect with your audience in a low-trust, high-stress environment.
  • Developing a Communication Strategy
    Understand the purpose of a Communication Strategy, and what communication elements should be included in an effective strategy.
  • Reporting Technical Information
    Learn how to define the role of the technical expert and create meaning in technical messages.
  • Writing the Documents
    Learn how to accomplish what you want in writing by planning, preparing, and finishing. Understand purpose, organization, layout, and the meaning of audience-based documents.
  • Preparing a Presentation
    Present your proposal in a clear, straightforward, organized package through effective planning, preparing, and delivering. Understand introductions, conclusions, visuals, gestures, confidence, and body language.
  • Understanding the Media
    Learn how to effectively meet the needs of the media using hands-on presenter/reporter simulations.



Participants for this training generally include people who must communicate environmental risk analyses within their organization and/or with the public.


Communicating Environmental Risk is an interactive workshop designed to build more effective planning and communication skills. For optimal learning, class size is limited to between 15 and 20 participants.This 3- or 4-day workshop consists of a carefully designed combination of the following:

  • 10% Lecture
  • 30% Discussion
  • 60% Exercises


Participants receive the following:

  • Comprehensive workshop manual
  • Documentation Strategies for Environmental Writers: Entries Reprinted from the Franklin Covey Style Guide
  • Videotape of their presentations